Park Boulevard -JVC Meteora - 1 Bedroom Apartment


Park Boulevard -JVC Meteora - 1 Bedroom Apartment

Jumeirah Village Circle, Dubai May 07, 2024

$315,000 For sale

Category ApartmentsOff Plan
Square 64 m²
Number of bedrooms 1
Number of bathrooms 2
Price $315,000
Completion Date 04.2025

Welcome to Park Boulevard: A Symphony of Serenity

Nature's Melody Step into a world where nature's melody dances with architectural elegance, where dreams find solace amidst lush greenery and tranquil waters.

Sanctuary of Tranquility Amidst the bustling cityscape, Park Boulevard stands as a testament to tranquility, a haven where weary souls find rest and weary minds find peace.

Symphony of Serenity Here, the whispers of the wind mingle with the rustle of leaves, creating a symphony of serenity that soothes the soul.

Story of Beauty and Grace Each corner of Park Boulevard tells a story of beauty and grace, where every sunrise brings a new canvas for dreams to unfold.

Luxury Living Indulge in the embrace of luxury as you explore the meticulously crafted residences of Park Boulevard.

Community Connection But Park Boulevard is more than just a residential oasis; it's a community where hearts connect and memories are made.

Discover the Magic Discover the magic of Park Boulevard and let your soul find its home amidst the beauty of nature and the warmth of community. Welcome to a life where dreams are realized and hearts find their true melody.

Project Name: Meteora


5% Booking

15% Within 30 Days

10% Within 120 Days

10% Within 240 Days

10% Within 360 Days

10% Handover

40% 40 Months Post Handover - Months 1%

Anticipated Completion -04.2025




Swimming pool




Fitness center

Air Conditioning

Central Heating

Laundry Room

Spa & Massage


Children Playground

In site Restuarant/Cafe

Distance key between facilities

Dubai Marina Dubai Marina - 12.9 Km, 12 Min

Burj Khalifa Burj Khalifa - 21.6 Km, 16 Min

Dubai International Airport - 32 Km , 20 Min


Park Boulevard - JVC district 17

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 Dubai Office Number:  +905382765407

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