What are the benefits of investing in real estate in Turkey?

1 November 2019

Turkey is a country that connects Asia and Europe. The country has many beautiful aspects such as multicultural structure, rich history and geographical location. Turkey is one of the most preferred countries in the search for investment. We explained in our previous article why Turkey is the perfect country for real estate investment. You can find this article by clicking here.

In this article, we discussed the advantages of Turkey in terms of real estate investment. In istanbul, is one of the most well-known and largest populated city in Turkey, we highlight the advantages of buying a house in five points.

1. Turkish Citizenship

Most important advantage of buying a real estate in Istanbul is Turkish citizenship. Turkey offers citizenship investment program, called “The Turkish Investor Program”. It is a privileged citizenship program which enables you to receive a Turkish Passport. You get the right to live, work, and enjoy easy access to Schengen zone countries, by investing in Turkish real estate. In 2018, Turkey announced that the amount of investment required to apply for citizenship is $250,000.

2. Real Estate Cheaper Than Other Countries

If you are invested, it means prices are the most important part of your decision. Turkey is a country where you can buy properties cheaper than other countries, especially Europe. Also, as we mentioned in the first point, investing in Turkey has the advantage of obtaining a Turkish passport.

3. Your Investment Will Have a Return

To invest in Turkey means that invest in a plan with a good future. Especially in a big city like Istanbul, real estate investments are promising. If you don’t want your investment to remain just an investment, if you expect a return on your investment, Istanbul is the perfect choice for you.

4. Cost of Living

Wherever you live in Turkey, you are going to realize that everyday life is more affordable than other places. This means that you do not just buy more affordable property than other countries. Also, you are going to live a more affordable life than you’ve ever been before.

5. Perfect Location for International Business Owners

Turkey is one of the most visited countries in the world. Also, as we’ve already mentioned, it is a natural bridge connecting Asia and Europe. It has many trade routes throughout history. Nowadays, Turkey still has a strategic location that is commercially sensitive for Asia, Europe and Africa. If you are doing or planning to do an international job, Turkey’s geographical location makes it special.