About Us

 We are locally International. We moved abroad 16 years ago and have been helping thousands of happy investors to do the same since then, enjoying the benefit of our experience and knowledge to make their real estate purchases and investments with us. 

Our years of experience in this field make us the leading and most professional local international real estate & investment company.

Wherever you are in the world, buying property is generally considered to be a very complicated process and is one of the most important investments we can make. Even for expert investors, or those who research locations and properties intensively, the chances are that, without professional help and guidance, you will rarely make a very good investment choice.  It is almost impossible for foreigners who wish to invest abroad to make better investments than locals. As a foreign investor, your first overseas purchase will most likely fall wide of the right investment target – unless you have the best help and advice, which is why investing in real estate with Move Abroad is probably the best and most secure way to maximize your investment. 

Move Abroad International Real Estate consulting company has been supporting International Investors since 2006, with a target to provide the best consultancy service and guidance for International investors who are planning to invest abroad – whether that is in Turkey, Dubai (UAE), United Kingdom, USA or any other country. Move Abroad has a proven track record of several thousand of happy investors who made their property investments with Move Abroad, the name for the best International Real Estate consultancy.

​​​​​​​​​​Move Abroad  International Real Estate Consulting Company is giving transparent support to foreign investors who are planning to make investments abroad. The core consultancy of Move Abroad is real estate investments, such as apartments, houses, land, or funds. Move Abroad, with a proven record of many thousands of transactions over the last 16 years, boasts a team of highly experienced real estate professionals, lawyers, accountants, certified financial advisors, fund professionals, bank professionals, and Government experienced professionals - in short, we cover all areas to give you, the International investor, the best consultancy for your international property purchases.

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