Making a Choice: Which District Suits Your Expectation?

Discovering the Neighborhood of Eyup
10 November 2019

Real estate market in Istanbul is growing day by day. Istanbul is one of the favorite choice for those looking for a home for the purpose of living or just for investment. But the preferences for these two purposes are different, each district and project appeals to a different buyer.

It is important that investors should examine, know and have information about the sector carefully before taking action. This process provides many advantages to the investors in terms of residences that they look for and buy.

Are you looking for a villa or a summer house, or both of them?

If you want a summer house with a garden, the districts that will appeal to you may change. Not only the districts, but even the neighborhoods in the district will be different accordingly. If you want a villa for sale away from stress, you may choose Silivri district. It is a good place for a quiet and peaceful summer house. Silivri is one of the districts of Istanbul which is away from stress of the city. It is a well-known tourism center in summer time due to its beaches.

Which District Suits Your Expectation?

Are you looking for an investment close to business centers?

If you want a house close to business centers and in an area that lives in the spirit of the city; Sisli, and Bakirkoy districts will appeal to you. Sisli is located on the European side of the city. It is one of the well-known trading areas in Istanbul. This district is considered as the centre of commercial finance, shopping and culture-art. Some of the offices of major and large companies are located in Sisli. One of the largest malls of Istanbul, Cevahir, is situated here.

Bakirkoy is one of the important trade areas of Istanbul. It is close to many national and international companies and holds an important place in the economy of Istanbul. Being an important center for the banking sector, there are currently 132 bank branches in the center of Bakirkoy and its various neighborhoods. The World Trade Center, which exhibits Turkish export products, is also located in the district.

But as we have mentioned from the beginning, not only districts and neighborhoods have particular characteristics which appeals to you. Also, the projects you choose would be different according to your wishes. If you want an additional service in the project itself such as children’s play area, ornamental pools, recreational areas, sauna, gym, swimming pools etc. you need to decide which project is fit your wishes and expectation.

Finding the Right Project and District Which Suits Your Wishes and Expectations

You can find two different projects in same district with very different conditions. Although they are both in the same district, they will address different expectations. If you are interested in learning more or need advice regarding districts and neighborhoods, please call or message us. You can also visit our office to have a chat with a specialist. We can find the district and the neighborhood that suits you best. Then we can show you the projects that fit your wishes and expectations.