Increasing Investments in Istanbul

Increasing Investments in Istanbul
4 April 2019

Because it is the most visited city in Turkey, Istanbul has significant influence on the real estate property sector in the country. The values of houses, apartments and villa-type residences in the city increase day by day. Therefore, investors should carry out projects in accordance with the statistics of this increase.

Additionally, investors should know and determine the regions where they make investment, and expectations from the regions, therefore they secure their positions in the real estate property sector in Turkey. There are different reasons why Istanbul is demanded by domestic and foreign investors in the real estate property sector.

Why is Istanbul so important in the real estate property sector?

Istanbul that is known “City of Seven Hills”, was the capital of Ottoman and Byzantine Empires and therefore the city has a great history. Tens of thousands of people visit the country every year in order to visit historical places, natural beauties, mosque and churches in the city.

Investors who are aware of the advantages of having houses, apartments or villa-type residences in Istanbul, carefully follow up the developments in the real estate property sector in the city.