Do you only sell properties that you have agreement with?

7 April 2019

In order to secure your investment and protect our reputation, we are only working with the developers where we have checked their paper work, financial capability and the quality of the projects that they have previously delivered. Our team of solicitors, construction engineers, property consultants and finance department ensures that your investment is safe and looked after. However, we can do these checks for any of the property that you are interested as well. The property you are asking for might have already gone through our checks and might have failed. In any case, we will provide you full information about any project whether we have an agreement with them or not. There is no other real estate organisation in Turkey like Turesta, with such a vast knowledge about all real estate projects in Istanbul and Turkey. Give us any project you are intereted in and even it is not in our portfolio, we will provide all information and history of the project in 24 hours.