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Exploring The Real Estate Market in Kucukcekmece

Kucukcekmece is one of the most preferred real estate market districts in Istanbul. It is attracting the attention of both Turkish and international buyers, who are looking for an investment or a property to live.

Location and Transportation

The district is located on the west side (the European Side) of Istanbul province.  It is close to major highways such as the Transit European Motorway (TEM-E80) and the D100 (E5). Both highway provides an Asian-European connection. It is also located on the railway network leading from Sirkeci to Europe.


History of Kucukcekmece

Kucukcekmece is the starting point for ancient life in Istanbul. Research, conducted by many geologists and anthropologists, has indicated that the region has a fairly old history. And anthropologists have even discovered evidence that prehistoric people lived in the district.

Due to its presence on the main road “Via Egnetia”, which connects the Byzantine Empire to the Western territories and Europe, Kucukcekmece boasts a strategic position. Throughout history due to it’s the strategic position and has been has been attacked by the Huns, the Bulgarians and the Crusaders.

Many structures in this area date back to Roman-Byzantine periods and geologists and anthropologists discovered the harbour structure and the pier peninsula surrounded by a few kilometres of walls on the peninsula north of Kucukcekmece Lake.



Nowadays, people visit the 7 kilometre lakeshore to enjoy the activity areas such as jogging paths, picnic areas, cafes etc. There are four cultural centers in the municipality where public events such as concerts, theatres, festivals and Ramadan dinners are organised for residents. Kucukcekmece hosts various farmers markets for fresh organic fruit & vegetables on different days of the week.


The Real Estate Market in Kucukcekmece

Whether you are looking for a new home, or an investment, you should consider Kucukcekmece, which has a wide variety of real estate options throughout its twenty-one neighbourhood. The district boasts highquality real estate options to meet buyers’ expectations. If you are interested in learning more, or need advice you can call or message us. You can also visit our office to have a chat with a specialist. For more information you can also look our FAQ page and services.

Property Map

Location is very important when you are searching for a good property in Istanbul. The city has 39 district in its border, because of that finding a good property, whether for investment or living, can be challenging. It is important to decide which district of Istanbul you want to own an investment or a house before you start looking for property.

We know and understand the importance of the district decision for an investment. For that reason we have a page which you can find all properties with their district information. Besides, we prepared a property map for you. In this map you can find properties in Kucukcekmece, and also you can see other properties which is near Kucukcekmece. Other then that you can find the most important districts, such as Beylikdüzü, Esenyurt, Bomonti and Taksim in this map.


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