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Choosing the Right Project

Finding and investing in your dream house can be a difficult process. Choosing the right project is a big decision for a investor.  But you could go through some certain stages and determine the perfect project for your expectation. First of all you need to chose the perfect location. Do you want a house for your family? Do you looking an investment opportunity? Or you looking a house and an investment opportunity in the same project? These question helped the determined your location.

Choosing Right Project First Step:

You should list the features you’re looking for in your dreams’ home

Once you have decided on the location, you should list the features you’re looking for in your dreams’ home. Beforehand, it will help you decide in advance how many rooms you want in a house. After that you need to ask yourself about house benefits. For example; Do you want 24-hour security? Do you want open and closed car park for your vehicle? Sauna, gym, swimming pool, Turkish bath are the features you are looking for in a house? 


Where is the project close?

When you want to make a decision for “Choosing Right Project”, you need to ask yourself; “Where is the project close?” For instance you are looking for a house for your family but you want to near to business centers or you just looking for an investment opportunity, Basın Ekspress district would be perfect for you. Ekspress is on the European side of Istanbul. It is a rising real estate district attracting the attention of both Turkish and international investors. It offers many branded and qualified office and hotel projects to investors that have been implemented one after the other. Apart from office and hotel projects, the region offers a variety of living spaces in the center of city.

So you decided to choose buying a house in Basın Express district. One of the projects that attracts the most attention from investors at the moment is Wanda Vista. Wanda Vista is 30 minutes away from Istanbul Airport. And it is 20 and 25 minutes away from Mall Of Istanbul Avm and Istinye Park. Following that you need to ask yourself why buy this house? What is the benefits that differentiate it from other projects.


Why Buy Wanda Vista?

10% Rental guaranteed for the first 2 years.

20 Years rental contract in USD($)

Turkish Citizenship availability by investing in a 5 Stars Hotel concept

No hidden cost, the most transparent management firm

Choosing Right Project and More information…

Wanda Vista has 320 luxury residences rise above the top 32 floors of G Wanda Vista Hotel Istanbul and serve as hotel residence quarters for exceptional guests. It is the first offshore real estate project by China’s biggest luxury hotel chain owner, Dalian Wanda Group. Wanda Group offers a guaranteed revenue outcome for G Wanda Vista Residences, for 20 years, making the property the most profitable investment in Istanbul. For all that benefits, Wanda Vista is one of the most attractive projects.

If you are interesting in learning more or need advice, please call or message us. You can also visit our office to have a chat with a specialist. For more information you can also look our FAQ page and services.

Property Map

Location is very important when you are searching for a good property in Istanbul. The city has 39 district in its border, because of that choosing right project, whether for investment or living, can be challenging. It is important to decide which district of Istanbul you want to own an investment or a house before you start looking for property.

We know and understand the importance of the district decision for an investment. For that reason we have a page which you can find all properties with their district information. Besides, we prepared a property map for you. You can find the most important districts, such as Beylikdüzü, Esenyurt, Bomonti and Taksim in this map.


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