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How to obtain Turkish Citizenship by property investment?

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Pick at least a 250.000 USD worth of property from our portfolio exlusively prepared according to your needs and interests.

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Open a bank account in a Turkish Bank under your name, the investor.

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Realize the wire transfer to complete your ownership of the selected property.

Take up residence

A valid residence permit is required during your citizenship application process.
Our Legal Team will be at your service in all steps.

Apply for Turkish Citizenship

Right after your residence permit is granted, you may proceed to apply for your citizenship.
All steps will be managed by Our team’s professional network.


We completely differentiate marketing and consulting services. Our consulting services include the selection of the properties we offer, to ensure they meet the needs and budgets of our customers, together with property consultancy, valuation, and post-sales services such as property management.

Our Company’s success is evaluated by the number of our customers and their satisfaction of our services.

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Our comprehensive understanding for real estate marketing and our endeavours to meet the customers’ desire and ambition to own property in Turkey within a pre-determined budget means that we give 100% commitment to helping our customers reach their goals.

Turesta Real Estate Marketing gives its valued customers the opportunity to keep up with the latest developments in terms of Turkish Governmental laws and regulations as well as offering expert advice regarding real estate financing.

Any dependent child, who is incapable of taking care of him/herself, can become Turkish citizen, with their parents, on provision of special application documents which proves their disability.

Frequently asked questions

When you buy property/properties with a value of at least $250,000 you need to make an application for Citizenship via the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre Your application is sent to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, whose Appraisers check and verify the value of the properties. The Ministry then places a statement on the Title Deed stating that you may not sell it for 3 years. The application is then sent to the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs and you will receive your ID card and Turkish passport soon after

Yes. You, your wife (or husband) and your children who are under the age of 18 (on the application date) may get citizenship.

You can buy either just one property, or several properties which have a total value of more than $250,000 but remember that you need to apply for your citizenship at the same time for all. The Tapu office accepts citizenship applications only if the combined declared values are above $250,000.

The ministry verifies that the value declared on the Title Deed is correct and above $250,000, with sworn appraisers. All the property value must be paid by bank transfer to the Property Seller.

To be eligible to apply, they must buy property over $250.000 in their own name.

Any dependent child, who is incapable of taking care of him/herself, can become Turkish citizen, with their parents, on provision of special application documents which proves their disability.

Our experienced and dedicated team can give full information about the documents needed, and how to get them, when you have purchased property with us.

Before issuing citizenship, the Turkish Government demands that the property value is at least $250,000, and sworn property valuation companies are employed to verify that the price is correct, thus preventing fraud. Some property appraisers might judge a property’s value at up to 2-3% difference than the real property sale price. Our experts are able to give you the best advice regarding the true property value.

Title deeds which were lodged at the Tapu Office after 20.09.2018 are eligible to be used to obtain Turkish citizenship by investment. However, if you bought your property before 20.09.2018, you can apply for citizenship now by investing $ 1.000.000 in total.

No – Turkish laws restrict citizenship application via such transfer. You should sell your property and buy another to the required value to be able to apply for Turkish Citizenship.

There are different answers to this question. For example:
• Any child under 18 years old, will be obliged to do military service when they come to military age.
• There is a condition for dual citizenships; you can choose between two countries.
• If you have already completed military service in your own country, you might need to prove it.
• For people over the age of 22 years, you should ask at the time of your application

All nationalities who are able to buy property in Turkey, may apply for Turkish citizenship by investment.

On the date of your application, the Tapu Office calculates value of your investment, according to the Turkish Central Bank’s selling rate on the date of your transfer.

At the moment the processing time is between 3 to 4 months, but the Turkish Government is eager to reduce this time.

Yes. Our expert legal team is available to help you and to guide you all through the process.

If you send us your Power of Attorney, we can follow all processes from buying your property to receiving your Citizenship, without the need for you to visit Turkey.

Only one person and dependent family (spouse and children under 18) can apply for citizenship, for each Tapu.