Our Company’s success is evaluated by the number of our customers and their satisfaction of our services


We completely differentiate marketing and consulting services. Our consulting services include the selection of the properties we offer, to ensure they meet the needs and budgets of our customers, together with property consultancy, valuation, and post-sales services such as property management.

We are conscious that earning a customer’s trust is very difficult, whereas losing him is extremely easy, which is why, once we’ve earned that trust, we focus on the way we maintain it through honesty and transparency in the way we work.


Our comprehensive understanding for real estate marketing and our endeavours to meet the customers’ desire and ambition to own property in Turkey within a pre-determined budget means that we give 100% commitment to helping our customers reach their goals.

Turesta Real Estate Marketing gives its valued customers the opportunity to keep up with the latest developments in terms of Turkish Governmental laws and regulations as well as offering expert advice regarding real estate financing.

Yourself and your immediate family (children under 18 and your spouse) will have right to become Turkish citizens and benefit from its advantages
Your permanent residence will not be required to pursue and maintain your Turkish Citizenship. You may continue to live in your home country and travel as much as you like.