TUR282 Basın Ekspress , Istanbul / Turkey

$ 103.000 / 12 months

Basin Express, Istanbul / Turkey

Project Information

With its beneficial area at the most noteworthy purpose of the district and its 360-degree perspective on Istanbul, TUR282 is supplemented with the joy of living solace in the Press Ekspres. A home is uncommon contrasted with life, the gallery with all the overhang perspectives on the city isn’t happy with the outside to appreciate the perspective on the city was painstakingly considered.
A street loaded with circumstances .The individuals who focus on the summit know, time is a higher priority than anything. Hence, the more you are in the focal point of work and life, the more agreeable and invaluable life you have. Structured with this mindfulness, TUR282 is situated in the most important region of the Press Ekspres street, which is an option in contrast to Istanbul’s
business life and is another middle.

%50 DP, 12 months installment

Why Buy?

  • Central Location
  • City View
  • Close to Main Road Junctions
  • Next To Public Transportation

Social Facility

  • Gym-fitness
  • Parking garage
  • Fitness Center


1+177 - 99$ 103,000 - $ 143,000
2+1122 - 174$ 143,000 - $ 218,000
3+1173 - 195$ 260,000 - $ 319,000

Unit Plan

TUR282 Basın Ekspress , Istanbul / Turkey

TUR282 Basın Ekspress , Istanbul / Turkey

TUR282 Basın Ekspress , Istanbul / Turkey


District: Basin Express

City: Istanbul

Country: Turkey