TUR198 Bahcesehir, Istanbul / Turkey

$ 106.000 / 24 months

Bahcesehir, Istanbul / Turkey

Project Information

The living center in the center of Bahcesehir, on the shore of Istanbul, which transforms the street shop center concept into the comfort of shopping centers. A unique project with 400 acres of lush active living environment, consisting of cinema hall that takes you to different times and places with a unique display experience, and a supermarket with thousands of exclusive products, café-restaurants offering Anatolian and world cuisine, recreational areas and shopping stores. The center building, which consists of 100 houses in 30.000 m2, and Park Street which has city center function with culture-art, bank, fast food, high-standard food and beverages areas and shopping areas, provides above the line standards of Bahcesehir.

The housing project for many elite families in the center of hundreds of acres of the city park. Every detail is designed to provide modern life to the people. If we summarize the things provided by people-oriented architecture to the daily life, it is literally suitable for everyone.

%35 DP, 24 month instalment

Why Buy?

  • Near the Canal Istanbul
  • Enterprise zone
  • Quality materials
  • Family project
  • Wide balconies


E-5 Highway8 Km
TEM Highway12 Km
Ataturk Airport19 Km
3. Airport35 Km
Akbati Mall3 Km
Mall of Istanbul9 Km
Canal Istanbul9 Km
Bahcesehir Lake1 Km

Social Facility

  • Playground
  • Fitness Center
  • Shopping Mall
  • Ornamentalpool
  • Walking Track


1+183 - 101$ 106,000 - $ 115,000
2+1135 - 162$ 154,000 - $ 201,000
3+1173 - 233$ 206,000 - $ 259,000
4+1204 - 279$ 265,000 - $ 265,000

Unit Plan

TUR198 Bahcesehir, Istanbul / Turkey

TUR198 Bahcesehir, Istanbul / Turkey

TUR198 Bahcesehir, Istanbul / Turkey

TUR198 Bahcesehir, Istanbul / Turkey


District: Bahcesehir

City: Istanbul

Country: Turkey