TUR9535 , 1 Bedroom Kagithane, Istanbul

625,000₺ /Starting Price | Cash
Area (M 2)
  • Delivery Date: 2022


A new life is waiting you in Istanbul, where continents embrace and new stories are written every day.
Enjoy the Istanbul, the capital of the world with all its privileges from where you live, resume the life with your loved ones.


Ortadoğu İnşaat

Ortadoğu Group has commenced its commercial life with activities in the fields of construction and logistics in 1981 and its over 30 years history is full of many successful Turkey-wide and worldwide investments and projects. Ortadoğu Construction, which has realized important construction projects of residential and commercial buildings both in Turkey and abroad, continues its activities in this field with its billion TL level housing project portfolio. Having completed many important projects such as Merkez Zekeriyaköy, Memorial Hospital, Middleist, Ortadoğu Plaza, Ortadoğu Business Center, Gönül Evleri, İstoç Shopping Mall; Ortadoğu Construction continues its current projects and makes preparatory work for land improvement and other important projects that are soon to be announced. Ortadoğu Group, having taken the leadership role in the field of health services, with its “Memorial Hospital” project, set new and higher quality standards for the private sector’s health practices in Turkey. The Memorial Hospital has become the…


UnitLiving AreaStarting Price
TUR9535 , 2 Bedroom1101,065,000₺Detail
TUR9535 , 3 Bedroom1761,607,000₺Detail
TUR9535 , 1 Bedroom65625,000₺

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TUR7010 kagithane, Istanbul
821,000₺ /Starting Price | %50 DP, 24 months installment
TUR9535 kagithane, Istanbul
625,000₺ /Starting Price | Cash
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