TUR7055 Esenyurt, Istanbul

325,000₺ /Starting Price | %50dp, 12 months installment
  • Delivery Date: 2020
  • Payment Term: %50dp, 12 months installment
  • Number of Units: 2700
  • Unit Size Range: 45 - 175 m²


Özyurtlar in every detail bearing the traces of architecture; prestige, glory and privileged habitats Nlogo Istanbul that the biggest project we have ever done, it’s justifiably proud of our signature logo is inspired to move.

Nlogo Istanbul provides you the key of a decent life where you can live with your family in confidence and peace. With its safe, wide social facilities and high technology Nlogo Istanbul gains a brand new trend to your house and business life.

With its social facilities and services Nlogo Istanbul firstly aims to create “Happy House Owners”. The doors of a magical world designed by starting off a five star passion that you dream of opens with Nlogo Istanbul.

Özyurtlar İnşaat

As Özyurtlar Group of Companies that entered into the business world with construction materials sales in construction and retail industry in 1990, we are the unique firm that led the establishment and awareness of the brand value of Esenyurt, a district of Istanbul. The cornerstones of Özyurtlar Construction are Genç Girişimciler Sitesi in 2005; Tasarimcilar Sitesi in 2006; Tasarimciları Merkezi in 2007; Garden City project, consists of three phases, in 2008, and Ntepe projects in 2009 in Bogazkoy. We introduce to the public in May, 2010 the Ntowers, and in December the Nmerkez projects. We began the project constructions of Özyurtlar Resicence in 2011 and NsehirEsenyurt in 2012. As for 2013, we continue our progress in the industry with N5Suites, Ncity, Ncity Esenyurt, N cadde, 1Coastal City Projects; in 2014 Nlogo Istanbul, Ncadde Agora Projects; in 2016 Ncadde Ottoman Project, and now, in 2017 we continue our progress with Ardıçlı…


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TUR5400 Esenyurt, Istanbul
318,000₺ /Starting Price | %35 DP, 24 months installment
TUR7114 Esenyurt, Istanbul
665,000₺ /Starting Price | %50 DP, 12 month installment
TUR7055 Esenyurt, Istanbul
325,000₺ /Starting Price | %50dp, 12 months installment
TUR7019 Beylikduzu, Istanbul
425,000₺ /Starting Price | %35 DP, 24 month installment
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