TUR6189 levent, Istanbul

630,000₺ /Starting Price | %35 DP , 36 months installment
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  • Delivery Date: 2021
  • Payment Term: %35 DP , 36 months installment
  • Number of Units: 129
  • Unit Size Range: 53-130 m²


TUR6189 is in Levent, right at the heart of Istanbul. At a precious location where you’ll meet life at the first step you take outside, and find things that fulfill all your needs. Business and entertainment, life and prosperity altogether…

What more do you wish for if your residence works for you and close to your office, and you’re at the heart of the city? TUR6189 promises a life of convenience and bliss thanks to its proximity to Büyükdere Avenue, one of Istanbul’s major arteries, as well as TEM and E5 highways and the new Istanbul Airport. It is valuable now, but it will become invaluable in the future..

Every corner of TUR6189 is full of fun and class, with its refreshing design language that adds color to city life. With a magnificent façade, and aesthetically pleasing, minimalist interior architecture, it has a structure that excites its residents. The terrace that it is named after offers a spectacular view. How many construction projects in Istanbul affords you the ability to sip your coffee while watching the city lights dance in front of your eyes?

Stars are at your disposal on sweltering summer nights. Lie down on the chaise lounges, and watch the dance of the stars. Children will play to their hearts’ content as you nurture your ties with your new neighbors in the terrace that is exclusively reserved for your use. Istanbul’s flashy night scenery will accompany your conversations.
Winter nights are also unparalleled at TUR6189. Are you ready for a cozy winter with your loved ones by the indoor and outdoor fireplaces? Everything is for your happiness. That, my friends, has to be the pinnacle of tea & coffee, and chat.

Those who look for maximum comfort in a minimalist lifestyle come together at TUR6189. Be it a one-bedroom or two bedroom option, you will find subtle conveniences at every square meter of your house that enhances your comfort, from your kitchen to the bathroom, living room and bedroom.
Our talented architects have designed TUR6189 with passion and diligence at every step of the way. They created a plan that is designed to allow you to use every part of your flat. The hallmark of an architectural perspective that is shaped by your mindset towards comfort, that appeals to your senses and meets your expectations, that is, in short, suited to your lifestyle.

With gated entry and checkpoints, private security, and state-of-the-art technology, you’re safe at every minute. A life that is free of worry and full of peace of mind awaits you. With its marvelous location at the heart of the city, indoor parking, and more, you can find all the details that complement your comfort at TUR6189…

We designed TUR6189 at the heart of life, just so we can keep you away from modern city problems. You’ll have a breeze coming back home, either by car or subway. You can go out to any part of the city at every minute and get there as quickly as possible



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TUR6189 levent, Istanbul
630,000₺ /Starting Price | %35 DP , 36 months installment
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