TUR5751 Eyup, Istanbul

1,170,000₺ /Starting Price | %50 DP, 24 months installment
  • Delivery Date: 2018
  • Payment Term: %50 DP, 24 months installment
  • Number of Units: 2249
  • Unit Size Range: 73-215 m²


The old neighborhood culture we have long missed and pined for stood for warm
neighborly relationships, children playing freely, mutual trust among people and gathering together to share meals.

Even though life has completely changed and the old neighborhood lifestyle has been left behind, it has never lost any of its essential warmth or spirit.

As technology continues to soar into new horizons and everyday life is constantly
speeding up, that which we all seek has remained the same: a clean living space, good neighbors, and a happy and peaceful life.

We are now bringing these longed-for feelings from the past into the conditions of the present day. We present you with both the past and the future.

This is AND Pastel. The new generation neighborhood.


Torunlar GYO

Whilst the construction works for 5. Levent, Mall of Antalya and Mall of İstanbul 2. Phase Hotel, Office and Convention Center projects are ongoing in 2016, life has begun at Torun Center Project. At the same time, 2016 stands out as a year in which the achievements were crowned with awards. Mall of İstanbul is awarded with the “Best European Shopping Center” in the XL-Category by International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC). 5.Levent Project is awarded with the “Best Urban Transformation Project” in the architectural category at Sign of the City competition. To transform the Torunlar REIC brand into the most preferred brand both on a global and national scale in the area of investment, development and management of mixed-use life-style centers consisting of units such as shopping centers, homes, offices and hotels, as well as logistical centers, commercial and industrial buildings. To undertake investments with a high return and…


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TUR5751 Eyup, Istanbul
1,170,000₺ /Starting Price | %50 DP, 24 months installment
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