TUR5750 Kartal, İstanbul

802,000₺ /Starting Price | %40 DP, 12 months installment
Property type: Project
  • Delivery Date: 2020
  • Payment Term: %40 DP, 12 months installment
  • Number of Units: 1200
  • Unit Size Range: 67-206 m²


The old neighborhood culture we have long missed and pined for stood for warm
neighborly relationships, children playing freely, mutual trust among people and gathering together to share meals.

Even though life has completely changed and the old neighborhood lifestyle has been left behind, it has never lost any of its essential warmth or spirit.

As technology continues to soar into new horizons and everyday life is constantly
speeding up, that which we all seek has remained the same: a clean living space, good neighbors, and a happy and peaceful life.

We are now bringing these longed-for feelings from the past into the conditions of the present day. We present you with both the past and the future.

This is TUR5750. The new generation neighborhood.



AND Gayrimenkul

Setting out with the support of the well-rooted history and corporate identity in 2011, AND Gayrimenkul offers a brand new approach in the Turkish real estate sector thanks to our projects focusing on the real needs of people, our attention to expertise and positive relations with our stakeholders. AND Gayrimenkul adopts the philosophy of “BUILD-LIVE” instead of the common philosophy of “BUILD-SELL” in the real estate sector. BUILD-LIVE is a genuine model expressing that AND applies to the letter architectural and service components in the long term that will ease people’s lives in all the projects. In its projects AND Gayrimenkul does not focus only on the exterior architecture and ignore the architecture of the interior spaces where people spend most of their lives. AND Gayrimenkul designs its projects starting from the interior and working towards the exterior, creating inner spaces that provide people with quality living and designing timeless…


UnitLiving AreaBedroomsStarting Price
TUR5750 , 2 Bedroom1602 Bedroom941,000₺Detail
TUR5750 , 3 Bedroom2223 Bedroom1,412,000₺Detail
TUR5750 , 1 Bedroom821 Bedroom802,000₺Detail
TUR5750 ,4 Bedroom2064 Bedroom1,658,000₺Detail

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TUR5750 Kartal, İstanbul
802,000₺ /Starting Price | %40 DP, 12 months installment
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