TUR5482 Güzelyali, Bursa

245,000₺ /Starting Price | 50% down payment, 12 months
Property type: Project
  • Delivery Date: 2020
  • Payment Term: 50% down payment, 12 months
  • Number of Units: 93
  • Unit Size Range: 53-317 m2


The best quality property, TUR5482 is located in Güzelyali, Bursa. Starting from 53,000₺ and %50 DP, 12 months installment this amazing real estate project opportunity in Turkey is waiting for you. Enjoy the peace and comfort of Mudanya’s new living area, Falez Houses 2, 93 flats inside of 6500 m² in 5-floor buildings with an outdoor and indoor swimming pool, gym, sauna and children’s playground, car parking area, security

Site Features: Outdoor and Indoor parking, Children’s playground, Outdoor and Indoor swimming pool, Sauna, Fitness, Shower, Cafeteria, Professional Landscape, Walking paths, Safety, Intercom system, elevator on every block

Flat Features: Water and silence isolation, Hilton bathroom, Master Bathroom, 1st class material, Wardrobe

TUR5482 Features

Heath, Water, and Sound Isolation

  • Building bases and parking lots will be constructed in accordance with their projects.
  • Heat and water isolation on roofs of all blocks shall be made in accordance with shingle projects.
  • Insulation shall be made between two independent sections and each floor in the blocks in accordance with the thermal isolation regulations in TUR5482.

Landscaping Applications

  • Walking paths in the compound
  • Besides, landscaping of green spaces within the site, green area, and pedestrian way lighting project and management plan appropriate.
  • Sub-structures of car and pedestrian way, sewerage, water, and drainage system will be established.

Security in TUR5482

  • Compound walls and/or wire mesh barriers to prevent passage from outside the site, a wall will ve created.
  • Also, as a security system, the camera system will be installed at certain points; along the site entrance and around the site.
  • In case of an earthquake, the elevators will stop at the nearest floor to open their doors; so that they will be prevented from staying in the elevator.

Heating Installation

  • The heating system of the independent section on the floor will be; done with the combined independent system. Also, the heating system of the apartments will be heating from the floor.

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Ali Bostanci Cons. Co

Ali Bostancı Construction, which was founded in 1984 with the motto of Bursa’s Housing Factory, had made thousands of families home with the vision projects it has realized since its establishment. Mostly Osmangazi (Hamitler), including Nilüfer, Mudanya and Yıldırım housing projects, Ali Bostanci Construction, uses the first-class materials, as well as the comfort of the family with promises a safe life. First performed in Turkey, Turkish Büro-Sen and the Turkish Education-Sen have signed the cooperation with TOKI (he Housing Development Administration)-style housing projects. The price range is in the TOKI range and our quality is no different from our luxury apartments. While we serve with the same superior expertise and deep-rooted experience in different areas of the construction sector, we believe that every new project we have completed adds new values ​​to our corporate know-how, which aims to improve life and improve our lives. We welcome the new targets of…


UnitLiving AreaBedroomsStarting Price
TUR5482 Falez Evleri, 5 Bedroom3175 Bedroom1,150,000₺Detail
TUR5482 Falez Evleri, 3 Bedroom1433 Bedroom429,000₺Detail
TUR5482 Falez Evleri, 1 Bedroom531 Bedroom245,000₺Detail
TUR5482 Falez Evleri, 2 Bedroom1532 Bedroom435,000₺Detail

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TUR5482 Güzelyali, Bursa
245,000₺ /Starting Price | 50% down payment, 12 months
TUR5466 Yunuseli, Bursa
335,000₺ /Starting Price | 50% down payment, 12 months
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