Commercial Land For Sale Istanbul-Tepecik,Buyukcekmece- 97265507 Buyukcekmece, Istanbul

22,000,000₺ /%10 For Reservation Deposit, 90% Full Payment in 15 Days
Land For Sale
Area (M 2)


Location Information

Whether buying real estate or Land, the main buying point is always Location, Location, Location, and this Land, being in a very unique location, is a rare opportunity for Land investment as Land for sale in Istanbul.

The Land on offer is 12327 m2 and is in the center of Tepecik, Buyukcekmece Istanbul, the land is located in village center as shown in the pictures. And lovely Buyukcekmece lake is just 800mt away; Buyukcekmece beach is 4km away. Buyukcekmece town center which is surrounded by many shopping centers, universities, malls etc is 4km away from the land.

Istanbul city center is 34km away and it can be easily reached via E5-also known as metrobus road-highway which is just 3km away from the land.


Land Information

The land is a commercial land that has 10% building permission, the land cen even be used as a truck garage.

Turkish Citizenship

Land purchase is totally valid for Turkish Citizenship applications, and most probably the Land price and the official valuation will be the value required for a Citizenship application, which means that this Land can be regarded as an ideal investment opportunity for Turkish Citizenship.  When you have kept the Land for 3 years, you will undoubtedly be able to sell it with a very good profit.

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UnitLiving AreaStarting Price
Land For Sale Istanbul-Arnavutkoy-25026362246650,000₺Detail
Land For Sale Istanbul – Arnavutkoy- 25039230246650,000₺Detail
Land For Sale Istanbul-Karaburun,Arnavutkoy-18937892203500,000₺Detail
Land For Sale Istanbul-Bolluca,Arnavukoy-25013081197610,000₺Detail
Land For Sale Istanbul-Arnavutkoy-25038992300600,000₺Detail
Commercial Land For Sale Istanbul-Kirazli,Bagcilar-2578847211500190,000,000₺Detail
Land For Sale Istanbul, Arnavutkoy 25040235417Villa Lands4,000,000₺Detail
Land For Sale- Next to Neo Golpark -very close to Istanbul Airport220310,700,000₺Detail
Land For Sale Istanbul- close to Istanbul Airport-2601593542336,300,000₺Detail
Land For Sale Istanbul- Haracci,Arnavutkoy-260158644906Villa Lands9,500,000₺Detail
Land For Sale Istanbul, Arnavutkoy 25040061631Villa Lands2,525,000₺Detail
Half Commercial Land For Sale Istanbul-Karaagac,Buyukcekmece-201789731584456,000,000₺Detail
Land For Sale Istanbul-Arnavutkoy-25026429237565,000₺Detail
Commercial Land For Sale Istanbul-Yenibosna,Bahcelievler-10259242721120198,000,000₺Detail
Land For Sale Istanbul-Gurpinar , Beylikduzu-2016433717326,055,000₺Detail
Land For Sale Istanbul-Yakuplu,Beylikduzu-196496034003,500,000₺Detail
Land For Sale Istanbul-Durusu,Arnavutkoy -873155313700Villa Lands7,000,000₺Detail
Land For Sale Istanbul-Boyalik,Arnavutkoy-81170686150250151,000,000₺Detail
Commercial Land For Sale Istanbul-Karaagac,Buyukcekmece-1078014411197421,600,000₺Detail
Land For Sale Istanbul-Yassioren,Arnavutkoy (farm land)-8128018854382,250,000₺Detail
Land For Sale- Next to Neo Golpark -very close to Istanbul Airport-250160022203Villa Lands15,700,000₺Detail
Land For Sale Istanbul, Bolluca, Arnavutkoy- 261971751057Villa Lands3,500,000₺Detail
Land For Sale Istanbul-Balaban,Arnavutkoy (farm land)-80959878142656,500,000₺Detail
Land For Sale Istanbul-Arnavutkoy-25033655172600,000₺Detail
Commercial Land For Sale Istanbul-Yenibosna,Bahcelievler- 10259240423072160,000,000₺Detail
Land For Sale Istanbul-Karaburun,Arnavutkoy-18937646240700,000₺Detail
Land For Sale Istanbul-Hadimkoy, Arnavutkoy (farm land)-18917842462710,000₺Detail
Land For Sale Istanbul-Bolluca,Arnavutkoy-25017918248845,000₺Detail
Commercial Land For Sale Istanbul-Tepecik,Buyukcekmece- 972655071232722,000,000₺

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