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Istanbul’s ideal locations for Property Investment

Istanbul is a large city extending over two continents, Europe and Asia, divided into 39 districts. For that specific reason foreigners planning to invest in properties for sale in Istanbul find it difficult to choose the ideal location to purchase properties. The positive side to Istanbul is that it has a variety of options in terms of lifestyle, from a modern environment to traditional local settings. It covers all aspects whether it is a friendly neighborhood near the local markets or a high standard luxurious neighborhoods. Investing in Istanbul can suit many budgets, different apartments at affordable prices for first-time investors testing the market. Therefore, the main factor to deciding where you should invest in Istanbul lies on your preference. 

Another fact to consider is the reason behind the purchase of such property. If the investor’s main reason is to get a rental income from it then the ideal place to invest in would be the business districts and neighborhoods where tourists and expats reside. The ideal home for someone who is planning to rent long-term would be in a friendly location close to transportation links, grocery stores and banks where they can find all the necessary facilities that they may need. 

By observing the real estate market and the popular areas that contribute to the growth of the Turkish market offering a capital gain, a rise in the value of the property after it has been purchased, some areas in Istanbul stand out more than others. 

One of the most popular areas for investment in Istanbul is Beylikdüzü in the European side of Istanbul. Beylikdüzü is currently attracting many property investors because of its city planning, green areas, friendly environment, coastline and the variety of choices of available from residential areas that present one to five bedroom flats to villas with large surfaces. Also it has many respectable universities, fine dining restaurants, entertainment centers and shopping malls. 

Another area worth mentioning is Esenyurt, an up and coming neighborhood that has been remarkably emerging in the last years with new developments and projects. This area attracts many investors because of its closeness to the third international airport (Istanbul new airport) which is one of the best and largest airports in the world. Esenyurt offers affordable apartments, great transportation links with easy access to the city center and a wide variety of shops, shopping centers, schools and universities. At the moment, many professional workers live there with their families. 

Başakşehir, is only 30 minutes away from Istanbul New Airport in the Euopean side of Istanbul and is one of the fast evolving areas due to a high number of foreign investments. The area is filled with shopping malls, great facilities, hospitals and children parks. It is a calm and modern neighborhood offering a noiseless lifestyle close to the Botanic park, one of the biggest botanical gardens in Turkey, raising the value of the assets and properties around that area. 

Küçükçemece presents one of Istanbul’s most beautiful sunset views. The “Küçükçemece” lake is a great attraction for property buyers. This incredible district, that lies on a lagoon holding its same name, allows the property investors to purchase properties near the Maramara seaside at an affordable value. Luxurious residential establishments and villas are being built in the area as well as modern facilities and foreign language schools. This district is close to the canal route, which is an enormous project and is currently driving buyers from every part of the world to buy properties in that area. All these factors are enabling Küçükçemece to grow and attract many foreign investments. 

Bağcılar is an evolving district, where the working-class resides mainly. It is close to the TEM and E5 highways allowing the professionals to travel easily. This area has been known for comprising the sectors of media, cars, textile and printing. Yet in the last years many improvements have been added to it including the construction of new green areas and residential projects. 

Every district in Istanbul holds special values and essence. This variety distinguishes Istanbul from the rest of the other industrial cities of the world. It is a focal point that makes Istanbul a favorable destination to invest and live in.

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