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Istanbul, Turkey – Real Estate News February 2020

Istanbul, Turkey – Real Estate News February 2020. Yesterday saw an exciting news announcement. Turkey is relaxing visa rules for several countries, in an attempt to increase tourism and attract new business links.  A natural follow on from this rule, is that new visitors to Turkey will undoubtedly see the potential for buying property. They see the potential in places like Istanbul, Antalya, Bodrum etc, which will lead to increasing prices to meet demand.

The new law, aimed at attracting new visitors to Turkey, will come into effect from 2nd March, 2020, following which Real Estate experts believe that property sales to foreigners will increase.  Istanbul in particular is bound to attract more foreign property buyers, who may want a holiday home in this most exciting of cities, whilst other investors in Turkish property will buy in order to take a Turkish Citizenship by Investment.

Real Estate News Alert February 2020: Over 1.35 million Turkish properties sold in 2019

The sale of property in Turkey continues to rise, and foreign buyers were responsible for 45,500 house sales in 2019. An increase of over 14% on 2018 – over 20,000 of these being in Istanbul. It is one of the world’s favourite cities for tourism, education, business and living.  These figures are expected to increase in 2020, particularly with the news that travellers from the United Kingdom, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain and Portugal will no longer have to apply for a travel visa, which will no doubt see property sales to foreign Investors reaching new heights.

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