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Istanbul New Airport, the largest airport in the world.

Istanbul New Airport, the largest airport in the world.

Istanbul New Airport opened its doors officially on October 29, 2018 and is the biggest infrastructure investment that has been ever made in Turkey. It will be the main airport of Istanbul by April, 2019. The new airport is expected to be one of the largest airports in the world with an annual capacity of 200 million passengers and will require two terminals, operating flights from Istanbul to more than 350 destinations. Holding this great capacity will result to connecting Istanbul even more to the rest of the world enabling the Tourism sector to grow remarkably.

It is stated that the airport holds 6 independent runways, 16 taxiways and a massive parking lot. In addition to the plane parking which has the capacity to hold 500 airplanes suitable to operate any type of aircraft. The airport also includes shops, duty free areas, VIP halls, restaurants, hotels, health centers and mosques. The airport’s Terminal 1 will provide a large space for passengers to move freely and will have an arched ceiling providing natural sunlight with a subtle geometric design. The new airport will also cover all the facilities to ensure the safety and comfort of the passengers, branding Turkey as one of the most developed countries of the world. 

The new airport will offer jobs to more than 225.000 people by 2025 providing income with a value of 4.5 Billion USD to several Turkish house holds and having a share approximately 4.5% in GNP. These numbers alone show how efficient and beneficial the existence of this airport can be to Istanbul and the rest of the country.

With the opening of the new airport, Istanbul will take a greater part in the aviation sector since it has been known to connect the East and West for years. This airport will be a driving power to improve the Turkish economy, bringing new investments and business to the country.  Turkey’s position will be consolidated as a new center and a link connecting the world and driving foreign projects to the region. 

Istanbul New Airport will be a key factor to the growth of tourism and the improvement of the Real Estate market in Istanbul bringing new projects to the table. Statistics prove that the first months of 2019 have shown an increase in Istanbul property sale by 87% compared to that same period last year. It is also estimated that this growth will keep rising year after year.

Ever since the airport opened its doors to foreign visitors, foreign investors started showing interest in purchasing lands around the area of the airport. The airport location is in the northwest of the city in the district of Arnavutkoy in the European side of Istanbul. New projects and residential units were built in that area and foreign investments were generated mainly by Arab businessmen from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and Lebanon. 

Istanbul New Airport’s location will be transformed into an attraction center. New shopping centers, residential units and hospitals will be established and a new metro line will be constructed to facilitate transportation and eliminate traffic.

The new projects will be built on a large scale connecting new areas to the city center and allowing real estate in Istanbul to expand and grow.

Istanbul’s cultural heritage and geographical position allowed it to become a joint assembling many countries and enabling them to generate business with one another which is why many trade conferences are being held in Istanbul. Also with the remarkable third airport opening, showcasing new technologies and facilities. Foreigners are drawn to investing in Istanbul, as the new hub for business and leisure. Thus Istanbul will continue to grow as an industrial capital hosting many international summits and attracting diverse foreign investments in many sectors. 

The real estate field in Istanbul is observing an increase in properties sales hand in hand with the opening of the third airport in Istanbul. Real Estate experts confirm that Turkey has become one of the most chosen countries for investment and buying luxury homes, after the establishment of the Istanbul New Airport. The airport will rank Turkey among the top 10 global economies, which will drive many investors from the neighbor countries to consider purchasing properties in Istanbul

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