Investing in Istanbul in the Real Estate Property Sector

Investing in Istanbul in the Real Estate Property Sector
1 April 2019

Turkey is a country preferred by domestic and foreign investors in the real estate property sector. The location of Turkey has significant influence in this respect. By its location, Turkey is the realm of the four seasons, and has many important historical events. Especially, Istanbul is the favorite city for many investors by its cosmopolitan structure and connecting the Asia and Europe continents.

Additionally, Istanbul is the center of the many sectors in Turkey. For example, many sectors such as real estate property, education, health, art have made Istanbul a vivid and preferred city.

The Heart of Istanbul from past to present: Istiklal Street

Istiklal Street, one of the busiest streets in Istanbul, has a reputation as a symbol of Istanbul. The street that contains many structures and buildings belonging to both Byzantine and Ottoman Empire has been the heart of Istanbul from past to today.

The old buildings still preserve the historical value together with the modern buildings and this situation increases the value of the houses for sale in this street. Many investors aim to enter the real estate property sector in Turkey by buying house or apartment in the Istiklal Street.