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How Covid-19 Effects Turkish Real Estate Market?

How Covid-19 Effects Turkish Real Estate Market?

Even though Turkey is quite successful in the ranking of the fight against Covid-19, the disease has affected Turkey as well as all over the world. While many sectors are economically affected by this situation, the effects have also been in Turkey’s real estate market.

Real estate market fluctuations began to occur. The main reason for this decline against previous high market conditions is, of course, new travel restrictions. But that doesn’t have to be an obstacle to investors.  Affordable homes are still waiting for investors in the immobile market. In fact, in this period, the prices are affordable, more than it has been in the past years. The only question on your mind must be “How to buy property from Istanbul Online?” It is the answer is simple: Turesta.

How Covid-19 Effects Turkish Real Estate Market?

Buy Online Property

Turesta is a well known real estate agency of Turkey. It has the widest and most up to date portfolio in the Istanbul market. On its page, every listing has a detailed explanation, with location information, videos and price information. You can relax knowing that you will not pay any commission or agency fee with Turesta. The price you see is the price you pay!

Turesta’s expert team is working remotely to answer all of your inquiries and can organize virtual Skype meetings with developers, to organize virtual tours of the property/properties you are most interested in.  During this process, our dedicated and professional team can answer all of your questions to give you peace of mind.  Once you have made your decision, a reservation fee is enough to start the buying process.

Turesta’s After Sales Team can help you to arrange a Power of Attorney, following which we can continue the process of buying your property, without you having to leave the security of your own country.

Turkish Real Estate Market:

Investment Opportunity: 25% Discount

The project you should see as an investment opportunity during this period is TUR214 with a 25% discount. What makes the TUR214 project different as a concept is that the project offers you the standard services. (Even you don’t aware that you have needed.) For example, you can see the traffic density when you leave your home. Or another example, you can arrange to air-condition at your home when you are on the way home.  Moreover, the projects offer life not only with smart home automation scenarios. But also with extraordinary architectural solutions in order to provide security measures, white goods, lighting, power/energy saving, and necessary comfort for modern life.

Are you asking yourself why I would buy this project? We have six simple answers:

  • 25% Discount
  • Art&Smart concept
  • Location advantage
  • Investment advantage
  • Smart home system
  • Modern architecture

If you are interested in learning more about how to buy a property in Istanbul, from the comfort of your home. Please call or message us.  Our Consultants are waiting to call you back, to explain how you can soon be the owner of a new property in Istanbul, with minimal effort! Alternatively, check out the FAQ page on our website. You can also find more information about the services we offer.



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