Exploring the Real Estate Market in Basın Ekpress

6 October 2019

For investors, the idea of owning real estate in Istanbul is growing day by day. One of the reasons is Turkish Investor Program. The Turkish Investor Program is a privileged citizenship program which enables you to. receive a Turkish Passport, with the right to live, work, and enjoy easy access to Schengen. zone countries, by investing in Turkish real estate.

Where is Basın Ekpress?

And lately, Basın Ekpress region is one of the most preferred region of the European Side for the purchase of real estate for investment or living purposes. The region has attracted the attention of investors and businessmen, especially after the foremost real estate projects in recent years. Basın Ekpress way, which is connected to Ikitelli, combines the E-5 way, TEM and the coastal road.

What are the Opportunities of investment in Basın Ekspress region?

The region has a strategic importance on the European side. It offers many branded and qualified office and hotel projects to investors that have been implemented one after the other. Apart from office and hotel projects, the region offers a variety of living spaces in the center of Istanbul. Also, due to its proximity to the third airport is one of the strongest factors that real estate investors are investing in Basın Ekspress’ projects.

Is there a transportation route in the region?

In addition many transportation projects have been done or under development in the region.

Gebze Marmaray Metro Line

Mecidiyekoy-Kagithane-Alibeykoy-Mahmutbey Metro Line

Mahmutbey-Halkali-Bahcesehir Metro Line

Atakoy – Basın Express – Ikitelli Metro Line

The Real Estate Market in Basın Ekspress

Whether you are looking for a new home, or an investment, you should consider Basın Ekspress region, which has a wide variety of real estate options. The district boasts high–quality real estate options to meet buyers’ expectations. If you are interested in learning more, or need advice regarding the different region of Istanbul, you can call or message us. You can also visit our office to have a chat with a specialist.