Explore 39 Districts of Istanbul – 3

14 October 2019

‘reBeing one of the most historical and socio-cultural cities of Turkey, Istanbul is the city that unites Asia and Europe. The city consists of 39 districts, connected by many main transportation routes and hundreds of smaller streets. In our previous articles, we listed the districts on the European side by alphabetically. You can reach our previous articles by clicking to 39 Districts of Istanbul and Explore 39 Districts of Istanbul – 2.

Areas in Asian Istanbul

In this article, we write about 14 districts belonging to the Asian Side. Here are the districts where you can find your new home and/or investment….


Adalar: The Princes’ Islands or Kızıl Adalar in Turkish, officially just Adalar (“Islands”), are an archipelago off the coast of Istanbul, in the Sea of Marmara. Adalar is one of the tourist attractions.

Atasehir: In 2008, it became an official district of Istanbul. It borders the districts of Maltepe to the south, Kadikoy to the west, Uskudar to the northwest, Umraniye to the north, Cekmekoy to the northeast and Sancaktepe to the east. The district is 25.84 square kilometers, has a population of 419,368 and has a total of 17 neighborhoods within its borders.


Beykoz: Beykoz is a district famous for having the most important historical sites. Today, Beykoz district is surrounded by Black Sea to the north, Sile to the east and Uskudar and Umraniye to the south. The area is at the most beautiful point of the Bosphorus and has its magnificent nature.





Cekmekoy: The district has green forests, exquisite spring-waters and recently prominent modern architecture. It consists of 17 neighborhoods and 4 villages.


Kadikoy: As a famous district of Asian Istanbul, Kadikoy is consists of 21 neighborhoods. First of all it is a district where historical and modern buildings blended. Also, there are offices, stores, and cultural-art centers in the district.

Kartal: Kartal is bordered by Pendik to the east, Maltepe to the west, Sultanbeyli and Sancaktepe to the north, and the Sea of Marmara to the south. Luxury apartment complexes have been built on the coast.




Maltepe: It is one of the outskirt district of Istanbul, Turkey. It is located between Kadıkoy and Kartal on the Marmara Sea. It is a district preferred by those looking for a home to invest or live with affordable prices.


Pendik: It is located between Kartal and Tuzla. Pendik is also bordered by Sultanbeyli, Sancaktepe and Cekmekoy to the northwest, Sile to the north and Gebze to the northeast. The area has a wide range of properties, from medium-cost homes to expensive luxury residences on the coast.


Sancaktepe: It is a district where historical and modern buildings blended. It borders Kartal to the south, Maltepe to the southwest, Atasehir and Umraniye to the west, Cekmekoy to the north, Pendik and Sultanbeyli to the east. The district has a population of 241,000 and has a total of 20 neighborhoods and 1 village within its borders.


Sultanbeyli: It borders the districts of Kartal, Pendik and Sancaktepe. The district consists of 15 neighborhoods. There are many primary schools, secondary schools and high-schools within the district boundaries.

Sile: It consists of apartments and villas, most of which are summer cottages. It is a popular getaway for those who want to get away from the city centre. Due to that the population of the district is growing in the summer period.


Tuzla: It is the southernmost district of Istanbul. Tuzla is on a headland on the coast of the Marmara Sea and Turkey’s largest shipyards district is located in Tuzla. It is also a popular area for those who are looking for a summer home and a retirement home away from the city.


Umraniye: It is one of the working class district of Istanbul. ISTAC chose Umraniye as the cleanest district of Istanbul by . It borders Kartal to southeast, Uskudar to the west, Beykoz to the northwest and Kadıkoy to the south.

Uskudar: It is a district where historical and modern buildings blended. It has a very broad history. Uskudar is a district preferred by those looking for a home to invest or live. It has a family-friendly living space. There is a wide property range from luxury houses to old-architecture homes.