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Top 20 Question About Turkish Citizenship

The Turkish Investor Program is a privileged citizenship program which enables you to. receive a Turkish Passport, with the right to live, work, and enjoy easy access to Schengen. zone countries, by investing in Turkish real estate. We answered the 20 most frequently asked questions about this topic in 2019.

Q: How should I calculate the exchange rate of USD and TL?

A: On the date of your application, the Tapu Office will calculate the value of your investment according to the Central Bank selling rate, on the date of your transfer.

Q: How long does the process take to obtain Turkish Passport?

A: At the moment the processing time is between 3 to 4 months, but the Turkish Government  is eager to reduce this time.

Q: May I buy commercial properties with rental income and still get Turkish Citizenship by investment?

A: Yes, any property you buy counts towards your Citizenship application.


Q: It seems complicated to apply and get Turkish Citizenship. Do you offer any assistance for this process?

A: Yes. Our expert legal team is available to help you and to guide you all through the process.

Q: I do not have time to come to Turkey. How can I get Turkish Citizenship?

A: You just need to set up and send your Power of Attorney to us.  We can then follow all the processes, from buying your property, to receiving your Citizenship

Q: How many people may apply for on one Title Deed?

A: Only one person and family (spouse and children under 18) can get the Citizenship.

Q: I bought property property before 20.09.2018. May I apply for citizenship?

A: Yes.  If your investment was made before 20.09.2018, you can apply for citizenship by investing a total of $1.000.000.

Q: I bought property property before 20.09.2018. May I apply for citizenship by transferring ownership of my property?

A: Turkish laws restrict citizenship application via such transfer. You should sell your property and make a new investment to be able to apply for Turkish Citizenship.

Q: Do I need to complete Turkish Military Service if I become a Turkish citizen?

A: There are several answers to this question.  Children under 18 years old, will be obliged to complete Military Service when they reach military age.  It has a condition for dual citizenships; you can choose between your two countries. For example, If you have already completed Military Service in your own country,, you might need to prove it. For people older than 22 years old, you need to ask at the application stage whether there is a special condition at Population and Citizenship General Directorate for appropriate information.

Q: Which nationalities may apply for Turkish passport?

A: All nationalities who are able to buy property in Turkey, may apply for Turkish citizenship by investment.

Q: Can my mother and father obtain citizenship in Turkey? What about my child above 18 years old?

A: They can be eligible to apply, only if they buy property to the value of $250.000 or more, in their own name.

Q: I have an invalid (disabled) child above 18 years old? What about his/her situation?

A: Any dependent child, who is incapable of taking care of him/herself, can become Turkish citizens with their parents, on provision of special application documents which proves their disability.

Q: What are the required documents for citizenship?

A: We can help you to supply all the necessary documents after you have purchased property with us.

Q: You say, citizenship process might take 6 months time. Do I get Residence Permit on the application process?

A: Yes. A Residence permit (no:6458/31-J) is granted to you and your family.

Q: Is there any critical point that I should know?

A: The Turkish Ministry wants to be sure that the property value is a $250,000, thus sworn property valuation companies must verify that the price is correct, so as to prevent any price fraud. Appraisers might have up to 2-3% deviation (difference) than the property sales price, Turesta is able to advise you regarding property evaluation.

For more information, you can also read our “How to Get Citizenship in Turkey” article or you can download the PDF file that contains all the information here.


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How Does The Citizenship Application Process Work In Turkey?

The Turkish Investor Program is a privileged citizenship program which enables you to receive a Turkish Passport, with the right to live, work, and enjoy easy access to Schengen zone countries, by investing in Turkish real estate. We answered the 5 most frequently asked questions about process of Turkey citizenship 2019 application.

Q: How does the citizenship application process work in Turkey?

A: When you buy property/properties, with a combined value of at least $250,000, you can apply to the Tapu Office (General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadaster), and request to obtain Turkish Citizenship.

Your application is. sent to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, whose Appraisers check and verify the value of the property. The Ministry then places a statement on the Tapu (title deed) stating that you may not sell it for 3 years.

They then send your application to the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs and you are.later invited to give your signature and receive your ID card and Turkish passport.

Q: Can my family get Turkish Citizenship?

A: Yes. You, your wife (or husband) and your children who are under the age of 18 (on the application date) may get citizenship.

Q: Should I buy one property above $250,000 or can I buy multiple properties?

A: You can buy either just one property, or several properties which have a total value of more than $250,000 but remember that you need to apply for your citizenship at the same time for all. The Tapu office only accepts citizenship applications if the declared values are above $250,000.

Q: What is the responsibility of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization?

A: The ministry verifies that the value declared on the Title Deed is correct and above $250,000, with sworn appraisers. All the property value must be. paid by bank transfer to the Property Sellers.

Q: What are the procedures and expenses to be.made for applications in 2019?

A: Article 20, of the Regulation on the Implementation of the Turkish Citizenship Law the Council of Ministers Decision dated 11/12/2010 and numbered 2010/139 was.amended by the Presidential Decree of 18.08.2018, following which date, foreign investors were.entitled to acquire citizenship upon acquisition of immovable property for 250.000 USD. The fees and expenses required.for citizenship procedures are listed below.


Citizenship Application Process

According to this;

1- First of all, the Title Deed fee varies, according to the price of the immovable property to be purchased. Until 31.12.2019, both parties, the buyer and the seller should pay 1.5% of the immovable value.


2- After the purchase of the immovable, an application will be made for the certificate of conformity.

3- The certificate of conformity is.sent to the applicant.within 15 days.

4- After receiving the Certificate of Conformity, 256 TL + 85 TL residence fee and 80 USD visa fee.are.paid. (If entry to Turkey was.during the month that referenced 80 USD is not paid).

5- Short term residence applications are.made after the related fees are paid by the investor. Citizens’ fee is 15 TL per person.

6- In addition, it is compulsory to have a health insurance to apply for residence permit, which varies according to the insurance companies, but an average of 300-350 TL health insurance premium will be paid.

When applying for citizenship, a notarized translation of passport, a sworn translator, is.required for each person applying (ie, spouse/children).

7- When applying for citizenship, a notarized translation of passport, a sworn translator, is.required for each person applying (ie, spouse/children). The fees and expenses to be.paid, including translation fee and notary approval, are approximately 200 TL per document.

8- If the applicant is.married, the notarized translation of the marriage certificate with APOSTILE costs 200 TL.

9- If there are children, the notarized translation of birth certificates with APOSTILE costs around 200 TL per document.

10- In order to benefit from the lawyer service while the immovable property is purchased, the attorney must be. given a Power of Attorney by the applicant,.issued by an approved notary, and a sworn interpreter service is.also required. Attorney and interpreter fees are around 350-400 TL.

For example, if 1 person wants to get citizenship with an investment of 250.000 USD, title deed + revolving fund will be around 23.000 TL.

Approx. 1750-2000 TL will be required for other expenses. Cost items that will vary here are interpreter fees.

Transportation, Communication etc. expenses will be around 500 TL.

For more information, you can also read our “Top 20 Question” article or you can download the PDF file that contains all the information here.


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Which Region of Istanbul Should You Buy Property?

Are you looking for an Istanbul real estate property? The idea of owning a real estate property from Istanbul, Turkey’s most populated city, raises an important question: “In which region of Istanbul should I buy property?” First it is necessary to mention that Istanbul is the most historical and socio-cultural city of Turkey. It is the city that unites Asian and European continents, with both a European side and an Asian side. The city consists of 39 districts, connected by many main transportation routes and hundreds of smaller streets. If you are looking for a residential or investment-oriented property, we recommend you to narrow down your search criteria with some specific questions.


The Best Districts of Istanbul in Terms of Investment

First and foremost, determining your reasons for buying will help you to focus on the best districts. For example, if you want to be close to the business centre of Istanbul, Maslak and Levent districts will be a good choice for you. However, if you are looking for a family home, you can reduce your options according to your lifestyle, transportation opportunities and your budget. Finally, if you are considering owning a property as an investment, we advise you to consider either the tourism districts (such as Fatih, Taksim etc.) or business centers (such as Maslak, Levent etc.) In short, you need to understand three things, ie, your reason for buying, your budget and your lifestyle.

Choosing the Right Neighbourhoods From Istanbul Real Estate

Once you have decided on the best district to suit your needs, the next step is identify the right neighbourhood for your ideal Istanbul property.  Price ranges change according to district and also by  neighbourhoods. You need to understand what your expectations are from a neighbourhood. For example, do you want to live in a house near the Bosphorous or are you looking for an office for your company near the business centers? Do you want features such as onsite parking, swimming pool or gym? You need to bear in mind that all of these features will affect property prices.


There are many other different factors that you need to consider before entering the real estate property industry in Istanbul, which you may find confusing. If you are wondering about the best place to buy property in Istanbul and want more information or advice about property law, or any other issue you can call or message us. You can also visit our office in Maslak district to chat with a specialist.


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Exploring The Rising Real Estate Market in Basaksehir

Basaksehir is one of the 39 districts of Istanbul, Turkey’s best known city. It is a rising real estate district attracting the attention of both Turkish and international investors. It is located on the European side of the city and borders the districts of Kucukcekmece. Also it borders the districts of Arnavutkoy, Eyup, Sultangazi, Esenler, Esenyurt and Avcilar.


Rising Real Estate Market: Buying a House in Basaksehir

You can find properties in Basaksehir with high standards of quality and in an optimum location to fulfill your expectations. Whether you are looking for your own home, or an investment property, Basaksehir has a wide variety of real estate options.  There are well-known health, education and community faculties, together with outstanding smart city planning and new technologies.


One Of The Largest Organized Industrial Zones

Basaksehir, one of the suburban districts of Istanbul, has a wide age range in terms of population, mostly young people. The entire population of this district is expected to reach 800,000 by the end of 2019. It is known to have one of the largest and best organized industrial zones in Turkey, providing employment for at least 300.000 people.


Transportation in Basaksehir

Basaksehir is close to many national and international companies, institutions, and techno parks in and around Istanbul. With improved public transport such as the new metro system and well-planned bus routes.


Shopping Malls and Natural Life Parks

Basaksehir is home to several shopping malls where you can shop, eat and generally have fun and spend time with your family, including Mall of Istanbul, which is the most well-known shopping mall in the region, and offers a variety of shopping and leisure outlets . There is also a natural life park where you can spend time with your family, allowing you to enjoy a combination of modern city life and amazing nature.

If you are interesting in learning more or need advice, please call or message us. You can also visit our office to have a chat with a specialist. For more information you can also look our FAQ page and services.

Property Map

Location is very important when you are searching for a good property in Istanbul. The city has 39 district in its border, because of that finding a good property, whether for investment or living, can be challenging. It is important to decide which district of Istanbul you want to own an investment or a house before you start looking for property.

We know and understand the importance of the district decision for an investment. For that reason we have a page which you can find all properties with their district information. Besides, we prepared a property map for you. In this map you can find properties in Basaksehir, and also you can see other properties which is near Basaksehir. Other then that you can find the most important districts, such as Beylikdüzü, Esenyurt, Bomonti and Taksim in this map.


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Have you been looking for your perfect property for some time, but still haven’t been able to find it?


When you book your viewing appointment with us, you can also take 5% Extra Discount on your property purchase. Book your appointment before 31st May to qualify for this discount.

Real Estate Investment, particularly in a foreign country, is never easy, with many pitfalls to overcome – which is why you need expert advice? Last year more than 40,000 foreigners invested in Turkish real estate. When you consider the size of the market, and the available options, your mind becomes confused and you may end up wasting your valuable time, not to mention money. Which is why it is important to carry out meticulous planning beforehand.

This is where we can help. Let us plan your visit in advance. Simply tell us what you are looking for and we will check the market for you to narrow down your options, suggesting only the properties which meet your requirements. Due to our extensive experience and knowledge of Istanbul properties we can then prepare your viewing route to save you time and money!



One of our experienced staff will meet you at the airport and drive you to your hotel. Depending on the arrival time at your hotel, we will either show you around the area you are interested in, or bring you to our office so that we can finalise your property criteria, explain the real estate structure in Istanbul and discuss again the properties we have already selected for you (according to your needs and preferences),at the same time we can answer any questions you may have.


After a good night’s rest in your chosen hotel, your dedicated Sales Consultant will pick you up at a pre-arranged time to visit the area and view the properties previously discussed. Although there is no obligation to buy, due to our focussed preparation most of our clients quickly find the perfect property investment they were looking for.


Depending on your wishes, we can either re-visit your preferred properties from the day before for a second look or, if you are happy with the properties you saw on Day 1, and have decided on your purchase, we can spend the third day completing paperwork, paying the reservation deposit and discussing your requirements for our after sales services.


Before you leave, we will finalise all paperwork, open your bank account, and arrange your Power of Attorney etc., before your Sales Consultant takes you to the airport in time for your return flight.



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Turkey’s real estate market

Turkey’s real estate market 

One of the best markets for the foreign investors is the real estate market in Turkey. The process of buying of property in Turkey is easy, which affected a big number of foreign investors will be attracted to enter the market of buying a property in turkey.
Back in 1980s, policies in Turkey only stimulated people to build housings through government loans, but couldn’t help rise the number of properties in Turkey. In General, Turkey’s policy did not progress the real estate market back then, and the investment in the country noticeably dropped.
The government in turkey offered loans for constructing projects in order to rise the quantity of properties to buy and invest in. Social security funds and Turkish bank offered these loans. 

The Turkish government was directed by those policies to have a better success in construction, but still did not rise the number of investment in properties in the country. The government in turkey arranged loans to investors to make properties under the government’s conditions.
With the progress of urbanization, real estate demand raised and the government could not organize and manage the supply on the demand. These policies made some growth in the Turkey, but now the government is applying these policies that can raise the demand for buying houses, but the demand for cheap properties is greater in the country.
Along with properties shortages, the country’s rising population has directed to a rise in the number of unemployment in Turkey. As the population increased, the Turkish government assumed that the country needed a lot of housing. In the year 2000, Turkey led many investors to invest in the properties market.
Turkish statistics showed that more than 400,000 new units were needed. Istanbul is one of the best metropolitan cities in the Middle East.

The policies adopted by the government to curb inflation have led to a reduction in the interest rate on loans, and conditions for building residential units have improved, and those who are middle and low income can use these facilities.
The progress and growth of tourism in the country was one of the main factors that directed to the development and of the real estate market in Turkey, but the economic crisis affected the government which made the private sector invest  to build those properties.
After the year 2000, real estate sector has been recovering and this market is now one of the most significant economic areas in Turkey .
After the economic drop in the country until this day, Turkey has been able to sustain this achievement, and as a result of to private sector investment in the real estate market, along with the rise in the percentage of investors and owners of properties in the country, the unemployment rate has decreased as well in Turkey.
Starting 2017, investors got more than 22,000 properties in Turkey. Istanbul has been rated the first city in the investment of properties, followed by Antalya and Trabzon in second and third places. Istanbul as an expanding and growing city, particularly on the European side has numerous new developments and projects. Many options and areas are ready to accommodate both budget and luxury buyers in the properties market.

Another push arrived in September 2018 when the Turkish government reduced real estate investment amount for Turkish citizenship from 1 million USD to just 250,000 USD. According to statistics, during the following four months, more than 250 buyers and investors applied for the citizenship and have met the requirements. Experts in the field have predicted a greater number of applications during 2019.

Antalya including its city center and many resorts will remain dominating the second place with all the investors from all over the world especially from Europe, Britain and Middle Eastern buyers and investors in the city. Covering a large area on the Mediterranean coast, many districts attract budget buyers and also investors interested in luxury properties.

In 2019, a growth is expected to happen in the city of Izmir as an alternative to Istanbul. Including the beautiful coastal resorts such as Alacati and Cesme, more enquiries and high demand in the city, not only among foreigner investors coming from different countries but also a lot of Turks retiring who want to move from Istanbul to a less stressful city and more relaxing environment.

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The remarkable district of Arnavutköy.

The remarkable district of Arnavutköy. 

Arnavutköy, which means “Albanian village” in Turkish language. This village got this name in the 19th century when Albanians who were brought to help establish the city back in Sultan Abdülmecid’s reign used to live there. Back then, it was a village where Albanians resided. 

Arnavutköy is a neighborhood that stretches over the Bosphorus line. It is renowned for the fishing restaurants that surrounds it, its cool side streets and wooden buildings. The Colored buildings that still exist today in the Arnavutkoy area are waterfront wooden houses that have been there since the Ottoman period. 

Every day, you can see many fishing men lined around the coastal line, on the sidewalks, fishing for hours as well as many small fishing boats.

Some of the most famous fishing restaurants are located in that area. 

Besides that, there are many nice restaurants that serve traditional Turkish food mezze and raki. Numerous locals enjoy spending their weekdays after work with their friends over there. Also during the weekend, there is an abandon of cocktail bars and restaurants that open their doors to visitors serving all types of food including, sushi and burgers.

Arnavutköy was famous for its strawberry fields that were there since the Ottoman times. These Ottoman strawberries were less juicy than the typical strawberries. Today some internal fields in the area are still growing strawberries and grocery stores sell them during spring.

In the Arnavutköy area lies an old Greek Church called, Taksiarkis, holding a stunning dome painted in deep blue. Also further inside the area closer to Etiler, lies another Greek Church called, Hagios Elias. Both churches existed since the Ottoman times in the 19th century and up till now both of them are receiving the small Greek community that still lives in that area. Not only that, there is a Mosque that date from the same time when both churches were built named, the Tevfikiye Cami. Hence proving that back in the 19th century people who came from different religions and races lived in a harmonious environment. The community that lived in Arnavutkoy was mainly Turks and Albanians. Some Greeks and Jews also lived there. Today, there are few Greeks still residing in Arnavutköy.

Moreover, Arnavutköy houses one of the most prestigious high schools in Turkey. Robert College is an American school that has been there since 1831, with an astonishing list of Alumini. Some graduates include, prime ministers, novelists and founders of the best Museums in Turkey such as, the Pera Museum.

Arnavutkoy blends culture, traditions and the historical wooden buildings that showcase the Turkish Art Nouveau.

When foreign visitors experience this area, they feel a positive vibe because of its attractive side streets and lively environment. The local shops that still exist today, the grocery stores that sell fruits and vegetables. Arnavutkoy blends culture, traditions and the historical wooden buildings that showcase the Turkish Art Nouveau. 

Arnavutköy is one of the most attractive neighborhoods of Istanbul because it still maintains this charming old village feel but with a modern environemt. Most cocktail bars and restaurants located in this neighborhood have a rooftop that overlooks the stunning Bosphorus strait where visitors can witness the most amazing sunsets while having a nice cocktail in hand or enjoying a glass of Raki with some grilled fish. 

Today Arnavutköy has become a hip destination, for people who appreciate a lively nightlife and gathering with friends for drinks. The district of Arnavutköy is the place to be for having the best cocktails, while listening to the best Djs and live bands. On weekends, the street of Bebek Arnavutköy, becomes overcrowded with people. In the backstreets of Arnavutköy, there are several cute local shops selling clothes and few famous bakeries and cafes. 

It is hard for visitors to visit Arnavutköy only once because they won’t be able to experience it all. Although this lovely district with colored buildings may not seem massive compared to other areas, but the environment and delightful boutiques, shops and cafes, drives visitors to want to return to that area to explore it a little bit more and get a sense of what it feels like to live in a village and interact with the locals that are still maintaining their traditions and values up until today. 

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Istanbul’s must-visit sites

Istanbul is considered one of the most significant touristic centers in the world as the only city stretching over two continents, Europe and Asia. It holds so much history and culture. It has many attractions to visit including historical buildings, palaces and cultural districts. Travelers who come to Istanbul for the first time are mainly drawn to its massive history dating back to the Ottoman and Byzantine Empires.

Istanbul’s Blue Mosque, Sultan Ahmad is one of the most popular sights in Istanbul showcasing a stunning interior and a beautiful external architecture. It is located in the Sultanahmet area in Fatih district. Close to it is Aya Sofya, which one of Istanbul’s most praised sights. It was a church in 536 A.D. when the Byzantine Emperor named, Justinian built it and the area around it was considered the center of the world back then. Many years later the “Aya Sofya”, previously called, “Hagia Sophia” was converted to a Mosque after the Ottomans captured Constantinople and then in the 20th Century, it became a museum. 

The Basilica Cistern, is one stunning landmark in Istanbul that nobody should miss out on. It is a huge underground, lying under the city of Istanbul built by Justinian, the Byzantine Emperor located in the southwest of Aya Sofya under what was back then a “Basilica”, church. It was first established as a water reservoir for the palace storing up to 80.000 cubic meters, maintained by 336 marble columns lined in 12 rows. The most mesmerizing part about visiting this site, is that the columns are all beautifully lit and the projection of the upside down medusa head carved on a stone. 

Topkapi Palace was a home to many Sultans during the Ottoman empire since 1459. It overlooks the Golden Horn where the Marmara Sea and Bosphorus trait meet. This must visit site is only meters away from the Sultan Ahmed mosque. Hence visitors who visit Sultanahmet area are drawn to visit all four attractions the same day, spending the day over there and enjoying a dazzling sunset view. 

Another significant site in Istanbul is, the Dolmabahçe palace built by Sultan Abdulmecid in the 19th century. This palace represents how Ottomans were very influenced by European interiors. Its interior is a blend of Baroque, Rococo and Neoclassical with the touch of Ottoman traditional style including gold elements and ornamented chandeliers. This palace was officially known as the Sultans’ palace replacing TopKapi palace dating back to the 15th Century, built under the order of Mehmet the Conqueror. It is located in Dolmabahçe Street in Besiktas and overlooks the Bosphorus.

For those who love souvenirs and Turkish delights, “Grand Bazaar” is the place to meet their needs. The Grand Bazaar is a massive covered market and a shopping destination for many travelers located between two mosques, Nuruosmaniye and Beyazit, in the Fatih district. It includes many shops selling handcrafted jewelry, carpets, decorative furniture and Turkish famous delights. 

The Galata Tower is another beautiful site that Istanbul visitors must see. It was built in the 14th century is 206 feet high, once visitors go to the area of Galata, where all the friendly coffee shops and boutique hotels are, they can’t overlook this medieval stone tower. The Galata tower was built to protect the city from invasions, soldiers used it to watch over the city. Once you are inside the tower, you can have a tour to explore its interior first then visit the upper balconies to enjoy a panoramic view of Istanbul and its surroundings. 

Only meters away from the area of Galata, lies Beyoglu, a beautiful district holding many historical buildings turned into hotels and museums. A note worthy place to visit over there is the Istanbul modern, showcasing a collection of modern arts that belong to local and international artists. Another important place to visit in that area is the Pera museum, which is considered a cultural center and Turkey’s most famous art gallery, offering a diverse range of art collections and many objects that were preserved from the Ottoman times.

Istanbul holds many more places to visit that meet all travelers tastes from modern to traditional museums and palaces to old mosques and churches. There are countless historical sites that simply entice tourists and drive them to visit Istanbul more than once. 

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Turkey’s 2023 Vision Plan

2023 will be a crucial year for Turkey celebrating the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Turkish Republic. But not only that, Turkish governors have set high plans for this year, concentrating on several fields such as tourism, healthcare, transportation, energy, foreign policies and enhancing the Turkish economy overall. Turkey has been focusing on mega projects that will change turkey’s economy and it is investing more than 100 billion USD for this plan. All the goals of this plan will be achieved by the year 2023.

The AKP governing party has set many goals for to Turkey in order to rank in the top 10 economies of the world by 2023. Besides, being self-sufficient country in terms of production, textile and agricultures. Turkish governors are working on diverse innovative projects that focus on improving Turkey’s status among the well-developed countries. 

Turkey’s governors focus on enhancing transportation links to ease the traffic and facilitate traveling in Istanbul where they built a Tunnel, made of three levels, under the water, with a breakthrough technology connecting the European side to the Asian side with car lanes and a metro line. This project is included in the 2023 transportation plan and it has been ongoing since 2017 and is a great achievement according to Turkish officials. The high-speed train network will also be enlarged to be the second largest after the Chinese train network. It offers an economic, fast, environment-friendly and comfortable transportation opportunity in Istanbul. On a daily basis, it will present to almost 7 million passengers an easier transportation opportunity.

The third new airport is the largest in the world with an investment of 10 billion euros, covering a space of 76,5 square kilometers and it is planned to reduce the effect of climate change using the most advanced green technologies. After the first phase that opened by the end of 2018, the airport is expected to serve almost 90 million passengers. This airport will be a new business center for Istanbul with all the projects planned to be built around it.  All the phases of the new airport will be completed by 2023 with a capacity per year of almost 200 million travelers. This giant project will be employing more than 100,000 people.

Turkey welcomed more than 40 million foreign visitors in 2018. Statistics show that after the new law was passed by the Turkish government to grant investors the Turkish citizenship after they own properties with the value of up to 250.000 USD and with the opening of Istanbul New Airport, the number of tourists will double. 

Tourism sector is one of the biggest targets of the vision plan and so far we can see quick results in this sector. With the same steps they are following they can easily achieve their target to have 50 million visitors per year and be the fifth most visited destination in the world. The target revenue in tourism sector of 50 billion USD will also have a big part in achieving the economy target.

Foreigners are not only traveling to Turkey for leisure. In the past years many travelers are visiting for health and skin care. Healthcare tourism has been contributing to the success of the Turkish economy in the past years. There are ongoing improvements supervised by the ministry of health in Turkey, promising international patients an excellent experience with great results.

The Kanal of Istanbul will be another big project that will contribute to Turkey’s economical achievement. It will be built in the European side of Istanbul and will connect the Marmara to the Black Sea transforming Istanbul into an island. The main purpose of the canal is to reduce congestion in the bosphorus. It will be a great contributor into easing transportation between Europe and Asia replacing the Bosphorus and reducing pollution. It will also have the capacity to 160 vessels per day.

Another point is to provide a more comfortable road for oil tankers. 

Another mega project is third bosphorus bridge which will be named after Sultan Yavuz Sultan Selim bridge it will also connect Asia and Europe. This bridge is constructed as Brooklyn bridge in New York. It has the length of around 2000 m. This bridge will be the 8th longest bridge in the world.

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Turkey’s Healthcare Tourism is on the rise.

In the last years, Medical tourism in Turkey saw big improvements generating millions of dollars every year. Thousands of international patients are traveling to Turkey to receive medical care. Turkey’s medical system has been providing excellence, efficiency and great hospitality since 2008. 

Turkey holds the best health facilities thanks to a great monitoring from the Turkish Healthcare Tourism Development Council which was established in 2008 in Istanbul embracing 141 members. The Turkish health system is also supervised by the Ministry of Heath in Turkey and accredited by well-known international organizations, ranking the healthcare system in Turkey among the highest medical systems in the world. Hospitals are getting inspected twice every year by the Ministry of Health to protect patients’ safety and guarantee high standard services.

People who travel to Turkey for medical tourism are not only after plastic surgeries and dental care. There are several sectors that Turkey’s health system excels at such as cardiology, skin care, genetic services and most importantly transplantation. Statistics show that thousands of international patients are seeking hair transplantation in Turkey with up to 1,500 transplantation surgeries performed every day in different regions of Turkey. It became a prime location for men who are seeking hair transplantation. 

Private institutions provide all the facilities needed for their patients to guarantee their comfort, such as transportation and hotel room reservations. Istanbul is proving to be among the top cities in Turkey providing healthcare tourism attracting thousands of international patients, followed by Bodrum, Ankara, Izmir and Bursa.

In 2018 about 1 million tourists visited Turkey to get healthcare, which is a massive 27.3% increase compared to 2017. Health officials declared that after analyzing the previous years’ statistics and because of the massive improvements that the Ministry of Health has been certifying, the number of tourists coming to Turkey for medical tourism will keep rising year after year.

The main reasons behind the tremendous upsurge in Healthcare tourism in Turkey is that it’s time and cost effective. Patients don’t have to wait for weeks to get their surgeries done, Turkish private hospitals provide high quality services with affordable prices allowing patients to get treated right away. Also many private institutions are benefitting from a tax free regulation allowing them to charge less than the private hospitals abroad. This alone encourages international patients to hop on a plane to come to Turkey and get treated right away. 

The health minister announced that three large city hospitals will be launched this year in Turkey. These centers will provide the best medical quality services, latest equipment and best doctors. One of these city hospitals is called, Bilkent hospital in Ankara, which is considered the biggest hospital in Europe.  

Many Middle Eastern countries such as, Libya, have low standard medical treatment facilities and because of that they prefer to come to Turkey to benefit from the high quality services that Turkish hospitals provide. Also many Europeans come to Turkey to ensure that their needs are met at an affordable cost.

Turkey’s great environment and diversity attracts the international patients and lures them to want to stay longer and to invest in a property for sale in Turkey or long-term rentals. 

The effect of medical tourism has been constructive not only on the healthcare sector but on the whole economy. Turkey’s revenue in this sector is expected to rise in the coming years, the government is working on preparations to attract more patients and to improve the infrastructure in the hospitals, the medical facilities, and the health standards which is why the Turkish ministry of health has assigned a big budget for that.

As an outcome, the medical tourism sector is one of the most essential sectors for Turkey’s development plan by the year 2023.

The high demand for hospitals and medical facilities is driving prospects of more investments in turkey and presents more investment opportunities to foreign developers from all over the world.

Potential investors’ interest in the medical sector leads them to invest in other sectors as well. The significant number of new hotels, residential developments and luxurious complexes that are being established on a yearly basis are offering a variety of options for a lucrative long term investment. 

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